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SoleSlam Automax 2: The Ultimate CarShoe Oh!

Months before long, when this poster first appeared on the newsfeeds, sneaker communities, and by any means it can be shared, all became quiet. Then in a matter of seconds, Boom!

It all spread like wildfire. Uproar of excitement and joy are overflowing as the date was announced for this special event, Sole Slam Automax 2.

To our excitement, we even put in a count down timer to the sidebar at the right. Not because we may forget, but to keep that excitement level up, and to remind our followers as well.

Come September 14 and 15, the much awaited #SoleSlam #Automax sequel is set to be unleashed. This is not just a carshow. This is definitely just a sneaker convention. This is the Ultimate Carshoe Oh! Feel it? Let me share to you our excitement.

Set to top the previous SoleSlam event, organizers and event partners planned ahead, worked hard and forget the word "sleep". This is how Sole Slam Automax 2 is important to them, with of course  car aficionados, sneakerheads, YOU, all of US in mind.

Do you already have a sneaker in mind, to wear on this special occasion? Which of your kicks will you be flashing? Well, while you're still thinking, let us provide you some top reasons why Sole Slam Automax 2 is a sure hit.

Two foreign celebs will definitely call your attention. These are just 2 out of a hundred reasons to be there at the venue, and be part of this grand convention of beautiful people.

The curvy-licious Christine Mendoza, which is a true beauty in and out, if you know what we mean. Don't give us that look! We just know how to appreciate beauty! *Grins

Movin' out on the defensive side, she's Glamour model for quite sometime now. Though she's from LA, she has Filipino roots. Get your cameras ready, I know you want to have your new profile picture with her on your Facebook page.

Then of course the Jeweler of the well-known stars, Ben Baller, who's wanting to taste that TOCINO. Yeap, you heard it right, definitely got some Pinoy tastebuds there! I bet you also want to meet him. 

Other top reasons to be there are as follows:
  • Almost a 100 Sizzlin' hot models to be deployed.
  • 200 tricked out rides
  • fun events like Skateboard competition, mini-4WD racing!
  • a thousand plus people
  • Plenty of merchants to help you buy,sell, trade kicks, in addition to cool streetwear like shirts, tees, caps, etc 
The SoleSlam Automax 2 is set to be held at One Esplanade at Pasay City.  Tickets for the event are available at TicketWorld online and in SM Malls. So hurry and grab your tickets now! 

Don't forget to also check our exclusive mini Q&A with the Mr. Sole Slam himself. Bookmark and subscribe to get updated.

*photo credits to the owners

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