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Top 10 Reasons why your Soul must attend Sole Slam Automax 2

A few more days to go and the two-day convention of Sole Slam Automax is getting nearer.  But it's kinda ironic, specially now that we hit the 2nd of week of September, its like every day tires so long.

As of Tuesday(Sept. 10) 12:34A Manila, here's the updated availability of Sole Slam Automax 2 tickets
See, the event for Sunday 3PM is almost sold out! I'm sure most of you already have passes and one of the reasons why there's scarcity of tickets. But in case you don't(not yet), go ahead visit and secure your slot.

For the time being, while waiting for Saturday, we round up the top 10 reason why we should attend Sole Slam AutoMax 2:

1. Ben Baller / Christine Mendoza

    -is the very first reason why you should drag ourselves to this event. These two well-known faces in the urban scene will be here to bring . Ben Baller who is known for selecting the best bling and shiny jewels for prominent stars and hip-hop artists that he supports. While Christine Mendoza,  the hot international model has been in lots of events and Car shows abroad. You better check her hot pictures.

2. Search for first ever Automax Babe

- With over half a million PHP at stake the 1st Automax Babe Search will be crowned during the event. Who's your bet that will bring home the bacon and glory as the First Automax Babe? The selected Automax Babe will be the brand Ambassador until March of next year. 

3. Tricked out Cars

 -I'm sure you miss the Pimp-my-ride episodes. Well here in we miss them too.  No need to be sentimental, because you will see and take pictures with these shiny and head-turning pimped autos and rides brought to you by Autobot Autoworks. No scratch!

4. Lots of Giveaways! 

 -From Skullcandy headphones, to cash prizes to sneakers. They're up for grabs all you need to do is to be there and "Sneak" around! They tied up with a lot of big names so we are entitled so expect something big.

5. A true sneakerhead supports fellow sneakerheads. 

We're like band of brothers here. No one, yes we mean no one, should be left behind. Let's continue the support and spread the love to all the Sneakerheads and no-sneakerheads(yet) out there. It's time to influence them and be one of us!

6. Cool Contests

 - battle of boards as Skateboarders ollies and kickflips their way to the top with the fun skateboard match. There will also be a Mini 4WD competition. Show your finesse and  on the mini race that will be built on the event venue. DC SHOES is one of the Official partners for this event.

7. Buy/Sell/Trade Market

 -This is the perfect time to shop and cop new sneakers, tees, or anything that tickles your fancy. All of the legit sellers of sneakers, plus urban and streetwear will have their own booth. So you're sure that you're getting the fresh ones and not just clones of the original. You never what rare finds you may see and grab.

Not only that, there will traders too where you can simple exchange your pre-loved sneakers and find a new love. Easy!

Noob in the Sneaker community? Remember this is not just an ordinary event. Sneakerheads from all over the country will be here. They are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you, perhaps be your Sneaker consultant too. 

8. Picture-perfect Models

This isn't an event without those hot and lovely models that brings fire and joy. Don't miss to check the sneakers that they are going to wear. Who will be wearing Jordan's? Lebron's? KD's? Who has the hottest and most striking sneakers out there?

So photographers and event goers don't forget to capture their Kicks too and not just their lovely faces and their figure-8 curves. 

9. Music and genius DJs 

May you like go to clubbin' or not, we are pretty sure that the reserved tracks and beats will make you sway and go thumpin. To make this event even livelier, Wave 89.1 DJs will play their sets, put you to the groove and get your vibes goin'. If you were there on their Anniversary party, then you must already have a hint of what we're talking about. 

10. Sneakers

  This one is pretty obvious, this won't be SoleSlam Automax without the shoes. Well, if you'll be wearing the hottest, limited or the rarest sneaker on these two day event, we might feature and picture you as part of our coverage. If you think you have these, don't hesitate to message us or comment here.

Follow and tag us with the snapshot of your limited edition Sneakers, on our page on Facebook

Alright, so before we end this, I'm sure you have your own Top 10 Reasons why you want to be part and attend the Sole Slam Automax 2 at One Esplanade. Too many reasons? Alright, how about your top 5? We want to know. Share!

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Sneaker(see) you there!

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