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Creative Media Launch: Audio made Clever Audio Gear

What comes in your mind when you hear the following words: Creative, SoundBlaster, Zen? Yes you'll have one thing in mind. Creative. It feels nostalgic specially if you've been exposed and brought-up in a generation of people who have been working and living with computers on their side.
Yes, Creative Labs, specially Sound Blaster is one essential part of computers even back in the days. Before sound cards are not yet built-in to the motherboards, that's why they are highly needed for its users to enjoy the audio while playing multimedia files or watching a movie.

Thursday of last week, Creative Philippines invited the tech community to be part of its media launch. It's more like a closed social gathering for the tech bloggers, a really fun experience to be part of.

C. J. Calimosa, one of the many guys who made this launch possible, provided us a glimpse of what Creative Labs have under their sleeves. The "What's New?" fun part, general specs and of course the edge of these new products from its competitors

We were asked to take pictures of the happening during the media launch and the top 3, will get an exclusive price from Creative.
He  introduced to the audience the new line up of products from the Creative Labs which will be released to the Philippine market within this year(sometime around September). Some of the items that we were able to capture can be previewed below: 
Creative Airwave Series- The wireless portable speakers from Creative that maximizes the use of Bluetooth/NFC

Creative HITZ series  - headphones, in-earphones, and the one specially made for mobile phones

Sound Blaster Evo Headset Series - comes in different variants depending on your need. Creative's chipset-enhanced head-units, where you can either tweak it via an iOS or Android app. You can also boost the quality in a push of a button, which is the one we are eyeing for.

We want to discuss more about the details on these beautiful and powerful new line up from Creative Labs, but will do it on a separate page.

Creative Labs targets the gaming community as their primary market but still not forgetting the general consumers. Despite the innovation and improvement, Creative still made sure that the design and aesthetics follow the same signature-style of Creative products, while still keeping that quality sound and audio that they have been known for since the beginning.

Creative aims to target the growing population of Smart phones and tablet-users who are looking for that ultimate audio input/output device for entertainment and communication
We are more than excited to take these items for a review once available, we'll let you know. So make sure you are subscribe on our Facebook page for updates.

With these chipset-enhanced unit, eye-candy colors plus that quality sound and user-experience, Creative truly lives to its slogan, its definitely "Audio made Clever".

 The Creative Media Launch which was  held on August 15, Thursday at Q-Bistro Ortigas. All attendees went home with a smile and SoundBlaster A35s as they ready to spread this great news.
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