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Aftershift Jam presents: CallCenter Heroes!

Did you know... there are still heroes living among us? Yes, Heroes will unite this Saturday at B-Side, Makati.
Aftershift Jam presents its 6th Year Anniversary gig entitled CALLCENTER HEROES!

Jam and rock your Saturday morning with your favorite bands who are also working in the BPO industry:

Basilica, Subterranean, Apathy, Lestercannon, Damsel in Distort, The Issues, Lastbreak, Even in Death to name a few.

CallCenter Heroes

Jammin' starts at 7AM, August 31st at B-SIDE, MAKATI. Don't forget to wear your favorite HelerShirt Work Wear!

BPO is our bread and butter, but this is our time to spend some time off with our fellow heroes!
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