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Xbox One: The Future of Xbox, the future of console-gaming

While everyone is battling who will be the best gadget out there that will work hand in hand with the ever growing cloud-based services, Xbox, just unveiled their another mouth-watering gadget.

Introducing the all-in-one entertainment system that will make you jaw dropping while playing your favorite game. New feel, new design, higher specs,better gaming experience, and some add'l tricks under its sleeves.

Under the hood:
CPU: Octa-core Processor 
Memory: Expected to have 8GB DD3 Ram 
Storage and Media: A default storage of 500GB ( it's yet to be known if they'll issue a model where it only has a flash memory like its older brother who has 4GB) 
Ports: USB 3.0 ports to let you transfer data in a flash 
New Controller: Aside from the fact that it will communicate to the box via WiFi Direct, two new buttons were added to provide more options.

The new Xbox. Xbox One

The question is can it live to the expectations of its older brother? Will this help Microsoft boost its sales and be the king of the hill, so to speak?

For now, I'll be spending more time thinking how I can get my hands on this!

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