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What's new on Facebook: Share what you feel, drinking, watching, etc.

Facebook has been considered as one of the most successful social networking sites out there. I remember the first days of me being a neophyte in a different environment coming from Friendster and Multiply. For me it's an entirely different ballgame. But after a few months we're all posting like crazy here and there.

To date, there are more than 1 Billion Facebook users across the globe. Who know the X and Ys on how many are signing up on a monthly, daily, hourly basis. It's Mr. Zuckerbug and his team who works day and night in keeping the site up, trendy and can compete side by side with the old and new comers who wants to get the number 1 position

Anyway here are the updates that you'll be seeing moving forward whenever you update you status

Feel free to let your friends know what's on your mind

Hmmm, I'm gonna let my friends know that I'm currently swaying to the beat of Mocha Girls. Haha!

I'm gonna envy you with the latest episode of The Walking Dead that I just downloaded from the net

Oops! I'm a one day millionaire, my wallet is empty again. Feeling sad

Which of these options are you going to try first? Aren't you

Be the first from your friends to know and share about this!

For more info from the Facebook Help Center

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