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PLDT myDSL and Nuffnang bring you “Resident Evil: Retribution”+ Be Derek's New Anna

Falling in love is one of the most inexplicable feeling that a person can ever experience. It can happen anytime, any place. It can happen at any age. It doesn't discriminate and it happens naturally, sometimes unexpected.

Sleepless nights, butterflies in your stomach and times when you simply lost your appetite these are some sign that you're in love. It's a stage where you find yourself smiling while looking at empty space yet complicated at times.

Well, how would you feel, if the person that you're drop dead on, rejects you and says he/she doesn't like you? That's a big OUCH! Just like what happened to Derek(see video below)

Poor Derek. His love for Anna is just blossoming yet, he felt he alreay hit the 3rd strike in a baseball game. If you were on his shoes, how will you react? What would you feel? How will you move forward

Well, let's help Derek move on. Let's show him that love shouldn't end this way.

Girls!!! Ladies!!! Will you be Derek's new Anna? If you have what it takes, I definitely want you to join and be crowned as Derek's new Anna.

All you gotta do is go to Then just simply create and submit a video showing and tell us why you should be Derek's new Anna, or better than she is! If you're chosen, you'll be part of PLDT's next myDSL commercial and take home a Samsung Ultrabook.Not only that, you'll make Derek happy. :)

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