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Get a Starbucks 2012 Planner, Now!

The time of the year we all been waiting for. I Don't mind the long lines... Don't care about the expensive coffee beans... All I want is... The Starbucks 2012 Planner! Yeah you heard me right. Let me repeat it one more time I want a Starbucks 2012 Planner! It sounded so good you'll murmur it every now and then until you got hold of one yourself!


This time, Starbucks fans can avail of a Starbucks planner promo card come November 3, 2011 and collect stickers up to January 8, 2012. As a Starbucks fan you already know that, a sticker is awarded for each Starbucks beverage purchase.

Now it has become even better. You have two(2) options in collecting those stickers to redeem one (1) Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2012 Planner.

A: nine (9) Christmas beverages plus eight (8) core beverages except bottled drinks = 17 stickers

B: 23 core beverages(bottled drinks not included) = 23 stickers

Here are the different styles of the 2012 Starbucks Planner: Poplar, Bamboo, Cherry, Spruce and Oak.

Which one will you pick?

So while you're confusing yourself which of these designs you're going to pick first, let me just answer this Customer Voice Receipt that was given to me, when I gulped down a White Chocolate Mocha Espresso.

Ok... Time's up?

Tip: How can you spot a die-hard Starbucks fan? Well, of course, he's/she's gonna be the first to own one.

For die-hard fans here's your ultimate option to get one right away: Buy PHP5,000 worth of Starbucks merchandise for your holiday gift-giving needs = Instant Starbucks 2012 Planner free!
Now, when are you going to grab own Starbucks 2012 Planner? Remember sticker collecting start later, November 3, at Starbucks stores near you!


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