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Hey now get an ALL-STAR! Converse Pre-holiday Sale!

      From September 16 to 19 this comin'  Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Converse Philippines will have a nationwide sale. Time to get new kicks for an awesome price. Converse aficionados will surely go crazy over these Chucks. Super Crazy!  For a limited time only!

       What are you waiting for? Grab those Chucks now before they chuckin' go extinct! Go Share!

The question is which pair should I get for myself? Waaahhh, another major major decision making to'! LMFAO

Till Monday, tomorrow, only!

Everyone loves to receive compliments in life! The Filipino is a unique and complex being, however, in the manner in which we receive compliments, so unique in fact, that we had to create a tutorial exploring the multi-dimensional reactions to compliments given to a Filipino. Hope you enjoy the video featuring the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ! :) -Mikey Bustos

Have fun, like, and share this super funny video of Mikey Bustos!

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