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A princess in Trinoma

It was a tiring Sunday. My family and I decided to check what Trinoma can provide and offer for hungry travelers like us.

Accidentally there's a kiddie event for the holiday weekend, there’s just bunch of kids in costumes. Kid stuff, but the event was hosted by Jam 88.3 jocks(but I don’t know them personally)!

Had a little snack in Yellow Cab, and ordered two 18’s. After 3-5 bites of their luscious pizza, I heard an angelic voice from the ground floor(since yellow cab is upstairs) singing the ska version or should say Hawaiian-stuff Bad Romance(originally sang by lady gaga). At first I didn’t bother to check the band, but after 2-3 songs, I decided not to let the chance pass by and check the scenery.

Good thing that this time I brought my Sony Hx1(not to mention that I missed a lot of events). Time to take some shots and capture the moment in video

Here are some of the pics and vids.
                          Princess and the band warming up

                                             “princess is feeling it”

                                       “talkin’ to the crowd”

from the heart
                      “from the heart”
Some videos:

Her own version of B.O.B. and Bruno Mars’ Nothing on You

I’m Yours, you’re Mines?

Let's support the artist and buy the original cd


ph1l1p said...

hello..just checking from nuffnang..:D

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Author said...

Thanks Ph1l1p

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