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Promos: 2018 GRAB Promo Codes

We list down all the Grab Car Promo Codes for 2018. All you gotta do is use the Grab Promo Code, sit down and relax til you arrive at your destination

Grab covers cities of Malaysia, Indonesia Thailand, Philippines Myanmar Cambodia and Singapore, In the Philippines, commuters switched to Grab for convenience, alongside with its competitor UBER.

Grab Promo Codes for 2018

Here are the list of Grab Promo Codes for all the months of 2018. We'll add more as soon as we receive it.

Grab Promo Codes for February 2018

For February 2018, here are the Grab Promo codes you can use for GrabCar, GrabTaxi:

  • GC80Use the Grab Promo code GC80 to get PHP80.00 off on your 5 GrabCar and Grab Share Rides, valid until Feb 18
  • GRABW640- Use the Grab Promo code GRABW640 to get PHP40.00 off, valid  for GrabCar  and GrabShare rides, 9A-4P only until February 9, 2018

Grab Promo Codes for January 2018

For January 2018, here are the Grab Promo codes you can use for GrabCar, GrabTaxi:

  • 40SHAREW3 - valid  for 3 GrabShare Rides, 9A-4P only until January 20, 2018
  • GC200 -  good for 5 rides, PHP 40 off per GrabCar ride valid until January 19
  • GC200H -  good for 5 rides, PHP 40 off per GrabCar ride valid until January 23
  • GC200M -  good for 5 rides, PHP 40 off per GrabCar ride valid until January 23

Disclaimer: The Grab Promo codes shown here may only  be limited to certain users and Grab PH reserves the rights  allow/cancel  these promos.

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    Valid til Feb 18
    Less 200php off Going to/from Lucky Chinatown Mall


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