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Promos: 2018 UBER Promo Codes

2018 is gonna be a great brand new year for UBER Patrons and Partners. It was a roller coaster ride for UBER last year, but we are all glad that UBER is here to stay, and so does its competitor Grab.

Here's the UBER Promo code you can use for 2018"BENTEUNOWUE." For new users of UBER, use the promo code BENTEUNOWUE to get a total of PHP 200 worth of rides. This of course is divided into 4 different rides(good for UberX, UberPool and Uber Black) where bookings/trips will discount PHP 50 per ride  PHP40.00 off their first UBER ride. This UBER Promo code is valid anytime of the day and for new users only.

A lot changes on the app can be seen which should improve our overall experience when booking an Uber ride. One the changes allow you to book  a couple of drop off points for your friends/family to be dropped on your preferred location. Take note though, that this will change the estimated fare

UBER Promo Codes for 2018
UBER Promo Codes for 2018

Pro Tip:
Use UberX instead of UBERpool when you're in hurry. You may save a dew bucks but it may prolong your trip and you may already be late to your appointment. In UberPool bookings/ride, you can't choose your route or opt the driver to drive you to your destination first.

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