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Top GrabCar Promo Codes 2016, discounted rates from GrabtaxiPH

As we welcome the first weekend of 2016, GrabTaxiPH promotes its services by giving us useful Grabcar promocode for 2016 to use for our commute. Start your 2016 right and use this GrabCar Promo code(s)...

See latest 2016 Grab Promo code for GrabCar/GrabCar Plus rides this month of October, here!

For UBER Promo code, use BENTEUNOWUE and get your (1st UBER ride PHP200.00 less.) first Two rides at less P100 each

GrabCar Promocodes for 2016

Use the 2016 GrabCar Promocode "2016" and get 40 pesos off your GrabCar ride, valid until tomorow only Jahnuary 3, Sunday. This is the first GrabCar Promo code for 2016 from GrabTaxiPH.

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