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TOP GRABCAR Promo Codes for September from GrabTaxi Philippines

We're back with the new September promo codes for GrabCar, GrabCar plus and GrabTaxi too. All good from GrabTaxi Philippines.

We have to test these codes first from our end, to make sure that these GrabTaxiPH September Promo Codes for GrabCar and GrabCar+ actually work.

TOP GRABCAR Promo Codes for September
Picture: FF Star during his visit in Manila. Can you guess who?

GrabCar / GrabCar+ Promo Codes for September 2015:

  • "GrabNow" Promo Code for GrabCar /GrabCar+  = -PHP100
  • "IamNew" Promo Code for GrabCar (Exclusive for GrabCar bookings) = - PHP200
  • "NewUser" Promo Code for GrabCar+ Plus (Exclusive for GrabCar+ bookings)= - PHP300
"Teach4PH" Promo Code for GrabCar /GrabCar+  which is equivalent to PHP50 off, can be used starting September 7. But the promo code can be used anytime(starting September) and will be valid until January 1, 2016  can be used to donate to the TEACH for the Philippines foundation

Update: "Tasha" Promo Code for GrabCar/GrabCar+ works as replacement to Natasha promo code. Thanks to all our readers and fans who keep on sharing this info to us
This GrabCar promo codes will be updated from time to time so kindly book mark this post. They should work and not case-sensitive.

IamNew and NewUser promo codes are only good for up to 3 rides, so use them wisely. In case the codes don't work even if you haven't used them yet, register using a different active phone number, to refresh your profile.

GrabTaxiPH made good efforts by decreasing the fixed rate price to 30%. We'll see if this will be their long-term strategy, as this will really help their GrabTaxi fans that relies on this convenient way of going to point A to point B minus the sweat and tears of the regular means of commuting in Manila.

Update(September 11, 2015): The posted promo codes for GrabCar and GrabCarPlus are currently on hold. No ETA yet when they'll be active again. Promo codes for GrabTaxi such as Egg, Chicken and 2015 are still in effect. Let's not lose hope the sedan and premium rates are still 30% less than the previous rates.

Update(September 14): use Promo Code ilovemegmag to get 100php off your GrabCar Or GrabCar plus on a single ride

iammegmag promo code picture

Grab away!

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